Dermatology assessment and treatment

Our experienced clinicians will visually inspect your skin and assess skin lesions and (if necessary) scan them using state-of-the-art scanning equipment to analyse and detect even the smallest changes. The procedure is painless, quick and safe. Appropriate advise and dermatological therapy can be initiated by the dermatologist or skin doctor.

Does my insurance cover mole mapping?

In Kenya, most insurances cover the visit to a specialist skin doctor if you have a skin lesion you are concerned about. Routine screening is usually excluded in most covers. So yes, when you come to see us at Vitality Fountain Clinic, it would usually be for something suspicious that you want to have checked. We will fill in your insurance forms for you to be able to claim your consultation and exam fees back. If you need to have a skin biopsy, we would usually write a medical report and include – if  requested – the dermatoscopic pictures of the moles and lesions in question. That way your insurance can give a pre-treatment approval for the procedure to go ahead.

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