Rejuvenation and therapy of skin problems with skin lasers in Nairobi

Laser therapy for your skin is a very effective way to get a cleaner skin, more youthful appearance without blemishes, age spots, blood vessels and wrinkles. Our skin laser specialists – under the guidance of a cosmetic surgeon – will adapt the laser therapy individually according to your needs. This may involve giving you a free laser spot test (patch test), to see how your skin reacts to the treatment. We would then tailor the laser therapy to give you the best results for your skin without complications.

To get effective results, the skin laser sessions must be spaced with a few weeks in between, so your skin can recover well. Usually, a few sessions are necessary to achieve the desired results.

We use 5 different types of laser to achieve the best results depending on what the skin issue is:

Q-Switched laser is used for treatment of:
The Erbium Fraxel (fractionated or fractional) laser
The Erbium ablative laser
The NDYAG laser

Our expert Skin Therapists at The Source Medispa will help you achieve your goals!

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