Treatment of skin problems and acne, oily skin in Nairobi

Everyone gets the occasional spot, but acne causes persistent pimples and blackheads when blocked oil glands in the skin become inflamed. While it is often viewed as a teenage problem, a significant number of adults experience acne too. Acne should always be treated expertly to limit the duration and severity of symptoms and to prevent scarring.

Our skin doctor and skin experts have an arsenal of acne treatments at their disposal, from topical skin creams that you apply directly to affected areas to chemical peels, laser therapy or microneedling to improve the acne.

We may suggest a cream or lotion if you have dry or sensitive skin, or a gel if your skin is prone to oiliness. The Lamelle skin product range caters for these issues. Acne treatments can take a few weeks to have full effect and we are with you every step of the way to help you achieve the best possible results – whatever your age.

Our expert Skin Therapists at The Source Medispa will help you achieve your goals!

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