Natural rejuvenation and facelift in Kenya with Fillers

One of the most obvious signs of ageing in our face is loss of volume, especially around the cheek and jowl areas, and lack of skin elasticity. The combination of damaged skin and loss of volume can lead to sagging of the face, showing as deepening of the nasolabial lines (the lines from nose to corner of the mouth), and marionette lines (lines from the corners of mouth towards the chin). Surgical facelifts are still powerful treatments to counter this ageing effect, but with the advancement of dermal fillers and specialized non-surgical techniques, the non-surgical facelift is now seen as a viable alternative. Our facelift in Kenya is one of our most popular treatments.

A popular approach that Dr T. Stasch at Vitality Fountain Clinic Nairobi uses is the 8 point face lift. The eight-point lift, also known as the liquid facelift, is a technique using dermal fillers developed by Brazilian plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio, innovator of injection strategy around the world. Dr Stasch was trained in the technique himself at a Masterclass led by Mauricio de Maio in Germany.

Face lift in Kenya

What areas of the face are treated?

The liquid facelift is tailored according to your needs and desires, and facial anatomy and symmetry which will be discussed during a consultation with Plastic Surgeon Dr Stasch. Most important areas will include:

Liquid face lift in Kenya


Dermal fillers should no longer lead to a tell-tale swollen and over-filled face look. The liquid facelift is lifting and precisely contouring the face in the right areas, replacing lost volume, rather than over-inflating and filling out lines.

We usually use highest quality fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. Treatment results can last between 1 and 2 years. This procedure is commonly combined with botulinum toxin for an even smoother correction and longer lasting rejuvenated look.

What are the benefits of the non-surgical facelift in Kenya?

What is involved with a liquid dermal filler facelift?

The treatment begins by applying a cream containing a topical anaesthetic across the face, to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. After 30min, your face will be cleansed and Dr Stasch will start with a series of small injections into the marked areas.

COST of Facelift in KENYA (Face Fillers)

Cost of a non-surgical facelift with dermal fillers at Vitality Fountain Clinic in Nairobi depends on the exact areas treated and amounts of filler / syringes used:

For a full 8 point lift, one typically requires 2 – 4 different types of 1ml syringes which starts at 35,000 KES.
Treatment of eight point facelift undertaken in one session:
1 syringe – 1ml – 35,000 KES
2 syringes – 2mls – 70,000 KES
3 syringes – 3mls – 100,000 KES
4 syringes – 4mls – 120,000 KES

Further volumisation one month later may be required, depending on your goals and outcomes, which is again chargeable at the same rate as above.

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