Dermapen / Dermaroller microneedling skin rejuvenation in Nairobi

At The Vitality Fountain Clinic we use a specialized skin needling treatment called Microneedling. For facial therapies we use the advanced DERMAPEN, while for body therapies we use the DERMAROLLER system. Both are also called fractional needling system (FNS).
Professional skin needling procedures stimulate the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally, resulting in smoother, brighter, younger and healthier looking skin. We use high grade serums which we chose individualy for your need, and soothing creams for the aftercare, which we will show you beforehand.

What are the areas for microneedling?

Skin microneedling with over 10 years of clinical research and data that prove the procedure can be used to improve the appearance of many skin lesions. The range of treatments is:

What are the benefits of facial microneedling?

In general, microneedling allows you to get firmer skin and regain elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce age spots and broken veins, and improve the appearance of stretch marks, Facial pores will also become finer, and it can reduce acne and even acne scarring.  Because skin needling stimulates natural responses in the skin, the results you’ll see are completely natural too.
Other benefits include:

How is it performed?

After a thorough consultation on the therapy options and additional treatments including creams, facials and lasers, we will  use numbing cream to improve your experience. After 30min, your face will be cleansed and the therapy commences. We will chose different depths of penetration through the skin (from 0.3mm to 1.5mm) depending on what are is treated. The dermapen vibrates, which makes the experience less uncomfortable. Serums containing hyaluronic acid, Vitamins, nutients, peptides and anti-oxidants will be used which penetrate the microchannels created by the microneedling, increasing the effectiveness of the therapy.

More info on Microneedling can be found on our The Source Medispa Webpage.


Cost of microneedling with Dermapen or dermaroller at Vitality Fountain Clinic in Nairobi depends on the exact areas treated. You will need several sessions 6 weeks apart to get optimal results.

Medical Needling for SCARS, ACNE, REJUVENATION
per area 15.000 KES
whole face 25.000 KES

DermaRoller (Stretch marks, Body scars etc.)
total between 40 – 50,000 KES

Microneedling Face with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma, Vampire lift)
Total between 50,000 – 75.000 KES

Further treatments

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