Non-surgical nose reshaping in Nairobi

Dermal filler rhinoplasty (liquid rhinoplasty) or non – surgical nose job are terms which describe a gentle nose-reshaping procedure, which can now be safely achieved using dermal fillers. Dr Stasch offers this safe, non-invasive alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty in Nairobi, to achieve instant results without the need to endure weeks of swelling and bruising from a nose job operation.

What can dermal filler rhinoplasty achieve?

A non-surgical nose job using dermal filler injections can treat a number of nose concerns:

The advantages of a dermal filler nose job are many:

While it is an inexpensive, quick and – in the right hands – safe procedure, the results (although long lasting) are temporary and will need to be repeated if you wish to maintain them. The dermal fillers used can last 12-18 months, but will naturally dissolve after a while.

COST of Liquid Filler Nosejob in Kenya

Cost of a non surgical nosejob with dermal fillers / liquid rhinoplasty at Vitality Fountain Clinic in Nairobi depends on the exact areas treated and amounts used:

Liquid rhinoplasty – from 40,000 KES
Second session filler nose within 6 months – from 20,000 KES

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