Ganglion or Mucous cyst

Ganglions are fluid filled cysts or lumps which are typically found on your wrist or hand – in particular on the back of your wrist (ganglion) or on your fingertips (then its called a mucous cyst). Ganglions can occur spontaneously or after injuring your hand. While ganglions are usually not painful, larger ganglions can be unsightly and are sometimes painful.
Dr Stasch will be able to diagnose a ganglion or mucous cyst by examination alone. Commonly, you can leave your ganglion untreated if it is not causing you pain or distress. Most people however opt to have them removed by minor surgery called an excision. It’s performed as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic and simply involves removing the ganglion. In some circumstances, ganglions can return to the same site in the future. We will aim to avoid this with meticulous surgery.

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