IV Nutritional Therapy

At The Vitality Fountain Clinic in Nairobi we highly value your health, wellness and wellbeing, and therefore we are proud to be the first Clinic in Kenya to offer the world-famous IV Vitamin infusions. Theses amazing drips help you to replenish your empty body stores of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids. Women and men of all ages come to The Vitality Fountain Clinic to boost their energy levels, improve their looks and optimize their body health with our intravenous nutrient therapy.

As the first Clinic in Kenya to offer IV Vitamin drips, we pride ourselves to offer consultations by board-certified medical practitioners to evaluate your needs, and cutting-edge non-invasive devices that we use to identify your deficiencies within minutes. Best of all, your nutrient testing consultation with us is free.

Prices for our Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid Cocktail Mixes range from 15,000 KES – 25,000 KES per 500ml drip.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about IV Nutritional Therapy:

At Vitality Fountain Clinic, our board-certified practitioners create an exclusive intravenous infusion formulated for your needs. IVNT are state of the art IV Vitamin infusions, which contain a combination of pure vitamins, natural amino acids, magnificent minerals that are delivered directly into your bloodstream through drip. Therefore, the nutrients get to work faster and with more potency than they would if orally ingested and absorbed by your digestive system.

Vitamin infusion therapy provides relief for a multitude of common ailments associated with accumulative effects of dehydration, poor nutrition, stress, environmental toxins and lifestyle stressors. Vitamin infusions are used for:

  • Anti-ageing
  • Skin and hair glow
  • Boosting your energy levels
  • Stimulation of fat burning and weight loss
  • Building muscle
  • Recovery from sports
  • Increasing mental focus
  • Supporting your immune system
  • Detoxify your system
  • Speeding the process of wound healing post-surgery or after injury
  • Improving overall wellbeing, physical and mental function

How long do the benefits of an IV vitamin infusion last?
Replenishing and nourishing your cells with our IV Vitamin infusions creates lasting benefits. You can choose a new infusion session whenever you feel like you need a mental or physical boost. For best effects, we recommend a series of 4 to 6 drips, one administered weekly, with occasional booster sessions thereafter.

Yes. Since every client is unique and might have different nutrient requirements, we can create personalized formulations to specifically address your nutrient requirement and health needs. Medication or medical conditions must be considered to optimize positive effects of IVNT protocols and programs.

Clients may feel the benefits within hours of receiving IVNT drips, and your body will certainly appreciate the positive long-term effects. For an ideal replacement of missing essential elements for your body, we recommend a series of 4 to 6 drips administered weekly or monthly, with occasional booster sessions thereafter.

  • Step 1: Book appointment online or on phone
  • Step 2: Consultation & Examination by our medical staff
  • Step 3: Treatment: 30 – 40 minutes of relaxing IV nutritional therapy under medical supervision.
  • Research shows that 90% of people are nutrient deficient, and 50% of those people are already taking a multivitamin.
  • Vitamin infusions are more effective than taking oral vitamins and supplements as they are delivered directly bloodstream.
  • All our IVNT drips have been thoroughly researched and developed under the strictest international regulations.

Your menu of IV Vitamin Drips at The Vitality Fountain Clinic:


Brightens your skin and gives you an enviable glow. Glutathione and Vitamin C antioxidants cleanse your body from within, and will even lighten your skin evenly if taken regularly.


Give your skin the best nutrients it needs! For problematic skin like acne or dermatitis, this cocktail gives you your glow back. This amazing cocktail of powerful ingredients will help clear and rejuvenate your skin.


Get the ultimate beauty from inside out with a perfect blend of minerals, vitamins and amino acids to keep your hair, skin and nails pristine. These micronutrients play a vital role in the growth of healthy hair and nails, reducing hair loss, brittle nails and maximizing their regrowth.


You want to fit into your favorite pair of jeans or two-piece swimsuit? Our special blend of fat burning amino acids and detoxifying vitamins is designed to help stimulate your metabolism. Your body will effectively remove fats and detoxify your liver to achieve weight loss – ideally combined with exercise.


A perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids tackle the signs and symptoms of ageing for complete body and skin rejuvenation, inside and out.


Feeling down? Tired and stressed? This ideal pick-me-up drip helps to increase your energy levels, improves performance and prevents burn out. High dose amino acids and B complex Vitamins also help with jet lag and reduce tiredness, charging you up for your next big event.


Get a high dose of Vitamin C with Zinc, other powerful anti-oxidants and amino acids to combat cold or flu, strengthen your immune system, fighting free radicals and environmental toxins for optimal health.


Relax your mind and body with the ideal combination of nutrients! The unique formula supports and enhances mental clarity, effectively boosting your brain function, balancing you in stressful situations, and improving your concentration.


Have you gone a little overboard the night before? Rehydrate your body with this drip full of vitamins and micronutrients that help to detox your liver, alleviate hangover symptoms like headaches and nausea, and strengthen your system for the busy week ahead.


Give your body a holiday and cleanse by having a series of DETOX drips which are designed to cleanse your liver, wash out heavy metals and aid in your body´s recovery.


Power to your peak performance: This specialized drip is packed with high concentrations of amino acids to allow efficient build-up of muscle mass, in combination with exercise. It helps with energy production, fuels your muscles and increases athletic performance – naturally


Are you sporty and have an active lifestyle? This drip is packed with the high power B Vitamins, powerful amino acids and minerals that get you to optimize your performance, rebalance the body, strengthen your muscles and speed up your recovery


This optimizer drip will help before and after your operation. Enhancing your nutrients, increasing Vitamin C levels and amino acid building blocks is what your body needs most for a quick recovery and improved wound healing.


We have formulated a drip to help you through stressful times – bad sleep, anxiety, and low energy. The nutrients, Vitamins and trace elements will help your body to recover quicker and give you the boost to get you through tough times.


You will have special needs if you are suffering from Diabetes – the ingredients in the Diabetes drip will help to rebalance your body, boost your immunity and help your body cope with the burden of diabetes better.


Sometimes your nervous system is challenged and you are suffering from chronic pain, fatigue or exhaustion. The precursors of our body´s most important neurotransmitters are delivered with this drip immediately into your blood stream – so your body can make those important substances better and quicker.

Man Power Boost

When we are stressed or just because of old age, our sexual function is not as good as it used to be. Special ingredients of Vitamins and amino acids help with your sperm count, erection problems and overall well-being by boosting better blood supply to your body parts, and delivering the raw materials so important for healthy functioning.

Bodylift / Weight loss surgery

Having had bariatric surgery or a body lift will reduce your nutrient intake – resulting in losing weight. With these IV drips we can help to give your body back the amino acids, Vitamins and nutrients that your bowels and gut might not absorb so well anymore.

Booster Shots

What Vitality Fountain Clinic Magic Booster shots are available?

Sayeeda Kasili
Sayeeda Kasili
I salute Dr. Tilman and his team for the wonderful personality and great work he's doing, to restore confidence and smile on our faces with his magic. I recommend him anytime!!! Happy Valentines all.
Nicole Olwande
Nicole Olwande
Dr. Tilman is excellent at his services. He has perfected his craft with his many years of experience. Hands down the best cosmetic and hand surgeon in town.
Sarah Keter
Sarah Keter
I had my ear keloid removed 3 years ago. I'm Very happy with the healed results. It's like it was never there. Thanks Dr Tilman Stasch.
danny mule
danny mule
Excellent services, professionalism top notch. Much appreciation to one kind lady Winnie for her reception.
wangui michuki
wangui michuki
I loved the space and the customer service. The doctor is professional and simply the best. Would highly recommend.
Michael Jairo
Michael Jairo
I had a revitalizing and refreshing sports massage that helped with my calf and hamstring problems and I'd like to thank Dr.Tilman and the efficient team and would recommend a visit to The source Medispa.
Gilbert Thinji
Gilbert Thinji
The kind of service received here at Vitality is top notch, and a special thank you to Mitchelle in customer service who went above and beyond to ensure that all was very clearly understood. Thank you all for a wonderful experience that was well worth it..
Vicky John
Vicky John
Very proffesional and efficient.
Lisa Ruth
Lisa Ruth
Dr. Tilman is the best cosmetic surgeon in town who offers exceptional services. He’s a perfectionist and will get the job done. 👌🏾 And not to forget Michelle offers really really good customer service .
Joyce mwaniki
Joyce mwaniki
1 week post procedure and feeling great. I had mentally prepared myself for maximum pain but it is manageable and I have already started slaying. Dr. Stasch together and with his team are amazing and I highly recommend him.
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