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Patient Reviews

Dr. Stasch shares some of his patients' testimonials.

4. April 2014.

Dear, Dr T Stasch, Thank you for your incredible help and service and these reports. Kind regards
Mrs CF

Feb 2016

“It`s looking grand! The wound is healing very well … unless you get up really close there's no sign of a scar and (he) is delighted with his 'new look'. You did a great job, thank you!”

March 2013

Dear Dr Stasch, Thank you for your detailed report and prognosis for the different locations of moles on my skin. This is a scientific approach to have a baseline and to be able to monitor change. I do understand that the feared malignancies of melanoma are not guaranteed to be detected on time. However, your approach must have a positive effect on such a risk and in favour of early detection, I would imagine…”

March 2013

It's worth it    
Extraordinary services with even more extraordinary results by Dr. Stasch in Nairobi.
Dr. Stasch and his staff are absolutely amazing. Not only were they friendly but they were reassuring, informative, and often went the extra mile. The results are far beyond my wildest dreams and have changed my mobility...