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Dr Tilman Stasch is a sought after Plastic Surgeon with patients requesting his expertise not only from Kenya and Eastern Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Sothern Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi), but also from as far as Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique, Egypt and Europe.
As part of his strive to offer ethical and excellent services, he asks his patients to leave reviews of their plastic surgical operations, aesthetic procedures or skin therapies on various online platforms, like, or in order to help patients who are thinking of doing a procedure to read first hand reports from clients who have undergone the procedures. Many of his patients say he is the best Plastic Surgeon.
Many thanks to all patients who have taken the time to leave a review!
On this website, many therapies are reviewed like breast enlargement, breast reduction, mummy makeover, tummy tuck, liposuction, wrinkle therapy with botox or filler, mole mapping and skin cancer treatment, scar therapy, nose correction without op, and many others.
In the gallery section of before and after Plastic Surgery pictures, our patients can see some results of the most common plastic surgical operations.


Breast lifting after three kids
“Dr Stasch has really changed my life – I am so much much more confident now, being able to even walk without a bra – thank you!”

Pauline, mom of 3, Nairobi

**** (5 out of 5 stars), Dec 2019

Dr Stasch: Excellent, you did so well..
Patient: No doctor……YOU did extremely well! I love love the new me. Thanks for unveiling what was covered underneath. Asante Sana!

Mary S. (happy patient)

June 2016 after tummy tuck

Dear Dr Stasch,
I am thrilled with the outcome after my breast lift surgery. My boobs are now so awesome. Thank you so much

Ally B

**** (5 out of 5 stars), April 2014

Breast enlargement and lift (Augmentation mastopexy)
“By the way, doctor, they are spectacular, and I absolutely love them!”

Patient after breast lift and implants

**** (5 out of 5 stars), Dec 2015

Dr. Stasch, good to hear from you. I hope you are well.
So far, so good! I can’t believe it’s been two months already and I am still smiling every time I look in the mirror.
Have a great evening!

LK, after liposuction tummy and flanks

Nov 2019

I am so happy I found Dr Stasch for my mummy makeover! I was really nervous at first, but I did my research well and am happy I chose him – he really put me at ease and the whole Clinic team was fabulous. They looked after me so well and Dr Stasch took personal care of all my dressing changes, checking on me every time I came to the clinic. The lymphdrainage was also vey helpful for my quick recovery.
Thanks so much to the whole team – I can recommend Vitality Fountain Clinic highly. Looking forward to getting my face done now that my tummy and breasts look like before the kids (-:

Lydia S.

**** (5 out of 5 stars), May 2019


Botox and Fillers
„Doc Tilman has been doing my Botox and Fillers for many years now – he does awesome work, I always look natural and I always get comments fromm y friends and clients how healthy and good I look. I have sent my friends to him as well and they are also thrilled with the results.“

A.K. (36 yrs)

**** (5 stars) May 2020

Vampire lift face
„My skin really is so much smoother now after the PRP and Microneedling thing you did on my last month. It was much easier than I thought and will definitely do the other 2 sessions as well!“

M.deB. (64 yrs)

June 2020

Botox for under arm sweating (hyperhidrosis)
„What a relief – finally I have found a solution with Dr Stasch! I cannot believe it actually works so well. Feeling so much more comfy now without the sweaty armpits“

J.D (32 yrs)

March 2020

Happy reviews of patients after SKIN CANCER EXAM AND TREATMENT

Dear Dr T Stasch,
Thank you for your incredible help and service and these mole mapping reports.
Kind regards

Mrs CF, mole mapping and skin cancer examination

April 2020

Thanks for this Dr Stasch, and also of course for performing the prompt, excellent surgery that led to this excellent result.

Mr. RE, after local flap reconstructive surgery for skin cancer face

Nov 2014

Dear Dr Tilman.
Thanks for the rather scary looking pics of my moles… Certainly incentive to keep putting on the sun screen ointment. You did an amazing job on my forehead, there is hardly any sign of a scar, thank you.

Mr. RB, after excision of Basal cell carcinoma forehead

Nov 2018

Dear Dr. Stasch,
“Many thanks for all the trouble that you have gone to on my behalf to treat my many skin cancers and sun damaged skin.”

Yours sincerely, FJ, skin cancer patient

Aug 2015

Dear Dr Stasch,
“Thank you for your detailed report and prognosis for the different locations of moles on my skin. This is a scientific approach to have a baseline and to be able to monitor change. I do understand that the feared malignancies of melanoma are not guaranteed to be detected on time. However, your approach must have a positive effect on such a risk and in favour of early detection, I would imagine…”

G.J. on mole mapping

March 2020

It`s looking grand! The wound is healing very well … unless you get up really close there’s no sign of a scar and my son is so delighted with his ‘new look’. You did a great job, thank you!”

S.J., after skin cancer surgery in teenager

Feb 2016

Happy and relieved patient after a skin cancer scare “Many thanks for your expert work.”

M.K. after mole excision

**** (5 of 5 stars), Dec 2018

Thank you so much for sending the Path report, and wonderfully positive it is too!! … It has healed very well and everyone says “Oh how neat;” complements to you!!”

B.D. after mole surgery

Dec 2015

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