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Dr. Tilman Stasch’s reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons in Kenya is more evident than ever in the before and after photo gallery of his plastic surgical patients.
Before and after pictures are one of most important tools in Plastic Surgery to be able to chose the best fit of Plastic Surgeon for you needs. Dr Stasch has documented all of his thousands of operations and is happy to show a sample on this website, in order to illustrate what is possible and in order to inform future patients what they can expect. Of course everyone is different and unique and has different desires and post-op outcomes, but it serves as good examples how a body can be transformed.
All patients have given their written consent to use their pics and none of the pictures are optimized or changed. We strive to give all cosmetic patients the best outcome possible, so that both the patient and the surgeon are satisfied. Our passion to perform cosmetic surgery at the highest level for best results and to the utmost standards is what drives us.
Being able to offer the highest standards of medical care as an inpatient, during the op (be it nursing care, anaesthetic care at the hands of the best anaesthetist), and as an outpatient, in addition to choosing the highest quality materials, make it possible for us to achieve outstanding results. Dr Stasch will always take your wishes and desires into consideration, to achieve the desired results given your body type and health condition.

This is a selection of before and after pictures from patients in Nairobi, Kenya (This Page is still being updated)

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