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Liposuction is a one of the most popular cosmetic body procedures – also for men! Male liposuction or Liposculpture reshapes and slims down areas of your body by removing excess fat cells.
It can be especially helpful in areas where stubborn pockets of fat build up which don’t disappear despite exercise and diet – in men most commonly on the stomach, flanks (sides of your stomach), love handles on your back, large buttocks, thighs, face (double chin) and the male chest.
Reshaping your body surgically might give you a self-confidence boost and lead to a healthier lifestyle and new motivation for exercise.
At Vitality Fountain Clinic we will perform liposuction whilst you are under general anaesthetic. It typically takes between one and three hours, depending on the amount of body area will be treated. We often add liposuction in patients undergoing another procedure – for example gynaecomastia op (male chest reduction) or male tummy tuck.
A very popular Op in Kenya is the Sixpack Op,where your tummy area gets sculpted for more definition and a muscular look.

Have a look at some before-and-after pics for male liposuction ops.

Liposuction surgery man COST:

The cost of your individual Liposuction surgery depends on your circumstances and the procedures we will be planning.
Prices start from 450,000 KES.
For more information on Liposuction costs, we invite you to book a consultation session with Dr Stasch. During this confidential appointment, we can discover more about what you would like to achieve and find out if Liposuction surgery is right for you.

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