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More and more MEN come to see Dr Stasch at Vitality Fountain Plastic Surgery Clinic in Nairobi – from all walks of life from Students, Musicians, Politicians, Actors, TV Personalities, Lawyers, or even your Neighbour who seems to be looking better from year to year.

What we offer are natural looking results that leave other people wondering why you look so refreshed, agile and good. As if you just had the longest holiday of your life. It´s all about confidence – waking up in the morning and looming as good as one feels. Having tried Diet and Exercise, weight loss programs and personal trainers, at some stage you might decide you have given it your all and now need to seek our expert opinion to see how we can improve your looks. 





Men have Botox, too! Rejuvenate your frown lines, smoothen your forehead, and soften your facial features

Brow Lift

Saggy brows in men is common and can be reversed

Nose correction / Rhinoplasty

Giving your nose the desired shape in Nairobi, Kenya with a liquid rhinoplasty in safe hands

Face & Neck Lift

Age gracefully by reducing saggy neck skin, jowls and lifting the face: look even better when you mature

Fatgrafting Face

Using your own fat to enhance your facial features

Laser skin rejuvenation

Our Fraxel Laser experts help to get the best out of your face for scars, lines and pigmentation problems

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Droopy eyelids can cause problems with your vision – a lid reduction and lift is simple and safe

Ear correction

Trauma to your ears can be fixed, prominent ears be corrected

Hair Transplant

Male pattern baldness, hair loss and hair falling out – lets discuss a solution that suits you best

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