Botox for men (Bro-tox) is more popular than most people think. Most men who are affected by their deep frown line, deep forehead furrows of expanding crowsfeet around the eyes feel they need to reduce the strength of the wrinkles – not so much to have a flawless and smooth face. Botulinum toxin is not only for women. In our clinic (Nairobi, Kenya), Dr Stasch and his colleagues treat many prominent men from Kenya`s political, business and entertainment society who feel they need to look good since their faces are exposed in meetings, media and television on a daily basis.

Achieving a subtle improvement which looks natural, manly and youthful, gives our patients the confidence they need in their daily jobs and lifes.


Botox for men at Vitality Fountain Clinic in Nairobi cost starts from 30,000 KES and can go up to 75,000 KES, depending on how much Botox needs to be used.

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