Fatgrafting Face

Transfer of your own fat to your face might be necessary in these (and other) circumstances:

  1. Facial rejuvenation for less wrinkles and lines, and a more youthful appearance
  2. Facial asymmetry from birth (e.g. Romberg syndrome etc)
  3. Facial asymmetry due to tumor or trauma, or after operations
  4. Facial volume loss due to weight loss
  5. Facial volume loss due to illness
  6. Facial volume loss due to medication (e.g. RVT in HIV patients)
  7. Burn scars and contractures which will need soft tissue augmentation and stem cell therapy

We are very experienced with lipofilling of the face, and have helped hundreds of patients achieve their desired look. Lipofilling can be done under local or general anesthetic – as a simple procedure or and additional op during another operation. Sometimes, the final outcome will depend on the take rate of the fat – which is different from individual to individual. So one procedure might be enough in some, others will need 2 or 3 procedures to get final results.

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