Nose correction / rhinoplasty

Your nose draws a lot of attention as it’s the central feature of your face so if it’s too large, small, bumpy or wide you may feel self-conscious about it. You may have lived with a nose you’re not happy with or it may have changed shape more recently due to injury.
Rhinoplasty creates the nose profile you may desire. It can enhance your whole facial look, make breathing easier and may increase your self-confidence.

A male rhinoplasty is also called nose reshaping or a nose job for men. It’s performed to change the shape and size of your nose and involves altering or removing bone or cartilage or by using a graft. As a Plastic surgeon, we can reposition your nasal bridge, change the tip of your nose, modify your nostrils and remove bumps. You will be under general anaesthetic during the procedure which normally takes up to three hours.

At the moment, we provide this service only during certain times of the year. Please get in touch with us so we can schedule an appointment to plan your op months in advance.

An alternative to surgical nose job is the non-surgical nose job, or liquid rhinoplasty: This outpatient procedure is safe, quick and can shape your nose into the desired form within minutes: Dr Stasch uses Hyaluronic Fillers to mould the nose. More info on liquid nose job here.

Have a look at some before-and-after pics for Non-Surgical Nose Job.

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