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Reconstructive surgery
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Hand Surgery
Reconstructive surgery
Wound Care

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As a European and Kenyan Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Dr Tilman Stasch is also a Specialist in Hand Surgery, which includes most conditions affecting the hand (tendon ruptures, nerve injuries or nerve compression, vascular injury, dog bites, infection, lumps and bumps, ganglion, Dupuytren´s contractions, snapping finger, wrist disorders). Additionally, his many year as a Specialist Consultant in various hospitals in the UK and Germany, he has operated on thousands of patients with Reconstructive needs: Chronic wounds, Pressure sores, Decubitus ulcers, cancer reconstructions, free flap surgery, pedicled flaps, local flaps, primary and secondary burn therapy and Keloid scar therapy using the most modern surgical techniques.

Hand Surgery offered in Kenya

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pain and numbness in your thumb and index finger can be caused by CTS – we can help

Thumb arthritis

Pain in the base of your thumb due to worn out cartilage and bone – this is the solution we offer

Trigger Finger Release

Does your finger get stuck and cause snapping? We can relieve this common problem

Dupuytren´s Contracture

Fingers being pulled into the bent position needs surgery when they interfere with your daily life

Ganglion or Mucous cyst

Swelling at your wrist or the end of your finger, causing pain or nail deformity – it could be a ganglion

Finger tumor or lump

Lumps and bumps on the hand can have various origins. If they become symptomatic - we can remove them

Syndactyly (joined fingers)

Your baby has joined fingers since birth – we can separate them safely using advanced techniques of hand reconstructive surgery

Injury to hand and fingers

Accidents happen - cut finger, nail avulsion, dog bite or severed structures of your hand and wrist by broken glass – let us help you

First Aid for fingertip injuries

First Aid for fingertip injuries or finger amputations - do the right thing to save valuable hours to make sure optimal success

Tendon and Nerve repair and reconstruction

Hand trauma is debilitating - we can help with reconstructive surgery: primary tendon repair or tendon transfers in snapped tendons, arthritis or after trauma

Surgical Drainage Or Debridement Hand Infections

Surgical drainage or debridement of hand infections is a surgical emergency - you could lose your hand after even small infections of animal bites.

Reconstructive surgery in Kenya​

Breast reconstruction
Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Breast cancer surgery can leave you with breast deformity – let us give you the options

Excision BCC face
Cancer Reconstruction

Reshaping your body parts after cancer surgery or trauma – that’s what we offer

Deformity hand
Congenital Deformities

Facial, body or limb malformations from birth corrected with Plastic Surgery in Nairobi

Scar revisions

Scars in face or on body can be fixed – we offer different techniques to make them appear less visible

Burn contracture surgery

Deformities after burn injury are corrected with Plastic Surgery using advanced medical therapies

Keloid excision
Keloid therapy

Hypertrophic scars, keloids, large scars – we can help you find a permanent solution

Pro bono surgery

Dr Stasch regularly performs pro bono reconstructive surgery on needy patients

Trauma reconstruction

Soft tissue reconstruction after a car accident, gun shot, lion bite or buffalo horn tear – we can help

Wound Care in Nairobi

Diabetic Ulcer Therapy

Revolutionary wound treatment to avoid amputation – call us so we can assess the non-healing wound

Chronic Wound Therapy

Scientifically proven methods to allow non-healing wounds transform into healing wounds in Nairobi

Fatgrafting Wounds

Your own fat can help heal wounds, reduce scarring, and make the skin softer and mobile

The DEALT® Method
by Dr Stasch

A proven technique of fatgrafting of non-healing wounds to allow them to heal completely – we are the pioneers

Stem Cells in Kenya - the future of regenerative therapy

Mesenchymal stem cells for wounds, joint problems, ligament injury, arthritis – innovative solutions in Nairobi

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