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Arm lift surgery or brachioplasty in Kenya

Arm lift surgery is also known as brachioplasty. The operation can remove excess skin and fat, leaving the upper arms with a slimmer, more pleasing and youthful contour. As we age, our upper arm skin often becomes loose and flabby. This is sometimes referred to as “bingo wings” or “bat wings”. An arm lift will renew your confidence to wear short sleeved tops again without feeling self-conscious. Brachioplasty, or upper arm reduction surgery, involves reducing this skin through an incision that runs on the inner part of the upper arm all the way from the elbow to the axilla, often crossing into the armpit. Liposuction may also be used at the same time to remove excess fat and to help re-shape your arms, or liposuction alone can be an effective scarless way to reduce your upper arms and reshaping it dramatically. 


Am I a good candidate for arm lift surgery?

Many people develop excess skin in the inner aspect of their upper arms, as part of a normal aging process, but particularly if they lose significant amounts of weight, or the arms are just larger in proportion to the rest of your body. Surgery for arm lift / brachioplasty is performed if:

Arm Lift surgery can be performed on a large variety of patients including normal weight patients who simply need a little tightening. As time goes on and gravity takes her toll, the extra skin might become bothersome. This creates difficulties wearing clothing that reveals the arms – you then tend to conceal this area by wearing long sleeved garments. If you have lost a significant amount of weight and have stabilized your weight and do not have any serious medical problems, the excess skin and fat in the upper arms (also called “bat wings”) may worry you. An upper arm lift procedure can then add considerably to your daily comfort and improve your appearance. During the consultation, you will be asked about the results you would like to achieve from your arm lift surgery. This will help us to understand your expectations and determine whether they realistically can be achieved.

Arm lift or brachioplasty – the operation

There are a number of different techniques used to treat the problems with the upper arms depending on the distribution of the fatty tissue and skin quality.


  1. Liposuction using WAL (water assisted liposuction with BodyJet® method)

For patients who have upper arm fat excess, with good skin without stretch marks and no skin excess, liposuction alone can be very effective. It is extremely good at removing the fatty issue of the arms, with the additional advantage of not leaving any visible scars. The skin has to be elastic enough to re-drape and give you a balanced result. Dr Stasch will assess during the consultation if you are a good candidate for arm lift liposuction surgery.


  1. Skin tightening around armpit

For patients with minimal or moderate skin excess located near the armpit, an improvement can be attained through a scar limited to the armpit area / axilla. This is often combined with liposuction. The advantage of leaving the scar purely hidden within the armpit is that it is well concealed. However, if you do have excess skin tissue extending down the arm towards your elbow, this form of excision may not fully treat the whole arm.


  1. Full arm lift reduction

    For patients who present with a lot of upper arm excess, as in the case of most weight loss patients, tissue must be removed through a scar that runs from the elbow area to the armpit. The advantage of this procedure is that it is very effective at reducing the amount of skin and fat all the way down to your elbow. The disadvantage is a fine scar extending down the inner aspect of your arm. We will aim to conceal this scar in the inner aspect of your arm as it lies against your body so that it is not overtly visible from either the front or back, however, it will be visible if you raise your arm. Generally, the scar in your inner arm area tends to settle well with time.

After the arm lift operation - Your recovery

We will keep a close eye on you after your surgery and would normally see you for your follow-up appointments at regular dressing clinics every 2-3 days, 6 weeks and then 3 months following surgery, at which point your post-operative photographs will be taken.

Results after arm lift surgery or brachioplasty

After Liposuction, results will be seen immediately while swelling tends to reduce during the following weeks. After an upper arm lift, the excess skin in the area is unlikely to return unless you do gain then lose a significant amount of weight. Once the excess skin has been removed, the appearance of your upper arms will be tighter and more harmonious, allowing you to wear closer-fitting clothes and making you less self-conscious about the appearance of this region. Most scars are inconspicuous when raising the arms. Ideally, the scars will heal well over time and will then be well concealed. Any scar goes through a maturation process, which takes a year to complete.

After the procedure - Your recovery

We will keep a close eye on you after your surgery and would normally see you for your follow-up appointments at regular dressing clinics every 2-3 days and then 6 weeks and 3 months following surgery, at which point your post-operative photographs will be taken.

What complications can occur?

Whilst these operations are generally safe in the hands of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and regarded to be highly successful, there are, as with any operation, risks involved and the possibility of complications that patients need to consider. Postoperative pain will vary from person to person, but this is not considered a very painful procedure. The average patient undergoing an upper arm reduction procedure will usually require a few days of oral pain medication to treat discomfort and a feeling of tightness.

Smokers are strongly advised to discontinue smoking several weeks prior to surgery and after the operation, as smoking increases the risks of complications and delays wound healing by altering blood circulation in the skin. You can reduce your risks of complications by closely following our instructions before and after the surgery.

Arm Lift cost

The cost of arm lift surgery depends on your circumstances and the technique we will perform.

For more information on arm lift costs, we invite you to book a consultation session with Dr Stasch. During this confidential appointment, we can discover more about what you would like to achieve and find out if arm lift surgery is right for you.

Angela Gathage
Angela Gathage
Dr. Tilman and his team are the best in Kenya! I had a breast reduction surgery and the results are beyond phenomenal! They took their time preparing me and walking me through the whole process from the moment I reached out and through my recovery period. Winnie, Michelle Vangline and Lavender have been very supportive, professional, friendly and compassionate. Dr. Tilman is a true artist! His work is absolute perfection!!! He really did exceed my expectations. I had an easy flawless recovery and the scars have healed beautifully. The results are stunning. If I were to do it all over again, Dr. Tilman would be and remains to be my 1st choice. Honestly, I couldn't be happier. The surgery changed my life. The back and shoulder pain disappeared alongside the constant headaches. Size truly does matter.Thank you for making me look and feel good! You're all are exceptional.
r nduku
r nduku
I did my breast reduction surgery in February after suffering gigantomastia for as far back as I could remember. After my extensive research I went for the very best Dr. Tilman Stasch. My journey was way better than I expected, from the first consultation, to the OP and even the post op care. I was handled by a team that I found very professional and caring. I am 3kgs lighter on my chest and the happiest version of me.
Mutheu Mathaeka
Mutheu Mathaeka
Exceptional services offered by a fantastic team. I highly recommend the clinic, very happy client and will definitely visit again.
Helga Hosseini Balaei
Helga Hosseini Balaei
Hi Dr, Tilman Stasch, für Ihre einfühlsame Betreuung von 2012 bis 2014 in Aachen Luisenhospital sende ich Ihnen alle Sterne. Bin gesund geblieben. Liebe Grüße 👍😍
Brenda Wangeci May
Brenda Wangeci May
Dr. Tilman is very professional and keen on the patient’s needs. The after care is 5 stars ⭐️. His work is perfection. No need to fly abroad for cosmetic surgery for those who are in Kenya/Africa. Very happy customer.
Lorna Achiro
Lorna Achiro
Gosh. What can I say? Except thank you,thank you, thank you.Dr Tillman and the team were awesome. They became my new family and it was sad to leave them after 3 weeks.Everybody was so helpful and attentive and this made healing so much faster.
Sayeeda Kasili
Sayeeda Kasili
I salute Dr. Tilman and his team for the wonderful personality and great work he's doing, to restore confidence and smile on our faces with his magic. I recommend him anytime!!! Happy Valentines all.
Nicole Olwande
Nicole Olwande
Dr. Tilman is excellent at his services. He has perfected his craft with his many years of experience. Hands down the best cosmetic and hand surgeon in town.
Sarah Keter
Sarah Keter
I had my ear keloid removed 3 years ago. I'm Very happy with the healed results. It's like it was never there. Thanks Dr Tilman Stasch.
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