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Fat grafting / Lipofilling

Fat grafting, also known as fat injections or fat transfer, can provide long-lasting rejuvenation without relying on manufactured substances in many regions of the body including face, breasts, buttocks, legs, or genital area.

Fat grafting involves taking excess fat cells from a donor area of your body and injecting them into other areas targeted for rejuvenation, or areas of your body that need to be enhanced. The procedure can be very useful for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, as well as adding volume to facial features such as the lips and cheeks (fatgrafting face), or increasing the volume of your breasts, buttock and hips or calves. Fat grafting can sometimes be combined with a liposculpting procedure, which can shape certain areas of your body. The harvested fat is purified after removal, and then injected into the target areas. Although results vary with each patient, the natural effects of fat grafting can last for  many years.

One other special area of fatgrafting is any area of the body that has a chronic wound – most commonly on the lower legs and feet (the DEALT® Method).

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about Fat grafting / Lipofilling:

Fat grafting can be done in any area where you are lacking fat or volume. In our Plastic Surgery Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, these are the top 5 areas for fat grafting:

  1. Buttocks and Hips (Kenyan Buttlift/Brazilian Buttlift)
  2. Breasts (Breast augmentation with fat)
  3. Lower legs (thin calves and ankles)
  4. Face (cheeks, nasolabial lines, tear troughs)
  5. Chronic wounds, burns and diabetic ulcers

Lipofilling / fat grafting needs fat to be harvested from areas where there is too much, or where small fat deposits can be found – really any area qualifies (e.g. liposuction from tummy, flanks, back, arms, thighs, neck etc)

Fat transfer is also called fat grafting, lipofilling or autologous fat injection – this is always fat from your own body that can be taken from one area and put to another one where more volume or better smoothness is required. It is not possible to take fat from another person. Your immune system would not be able to handle this.

There are many factors influencing the “take” of the transplanted fat -which can range from 50-80%, depending if it is centrifuged (water removed) or not. The better the “recipient” tissue is where the fat is injected, the better the “take” and results. This means that fat uptake in the face is especially good (lots of blood supply), also large areas of good, already existing tissue (like full breasts and buttocks) are suitable. The thinner the recipients site is, the more fat from the fat transfer will be reabsorbed, like under burn areas, skin grafts, or very tight areas like lower legs, over bones, or chronically scarred tissue. In these areas, 2-3 sessions of fat grafting will usually goes the desired results.

We believe that the Bodyjet Liposuction machine (water jet assisted liposuction WAL), which has been developed for lipofilling / fat grafting specifically, is the best machine and equipment to harvest fat gently, safely and swiftly. It was scientifically shown that the Bodyjet allows fat cells to remain intact, therefore increasing the chances of fat survival after fat transfer. At Vitality Fountain Clinic, we have used this machine for the past 10 years.

In order for fat grafting to work, the fat cells need to be intact, healthy and not destroyed. VASER or SMART Lipo by definition destroys fat cells, i.e. it breaks the cell walls and liquefies fat cells, using heat or wave disruption. Therefore we think it is unlikely to be safe to do lipofilling with fat harvested by VASER or SMART lipo devices. This is our personal opinion on this topic, with a 15 year experience in using fat grafting (Dr Stasch first used fat grafting for breast reconstruction in the UK in 2005).

You might find doctors and clinics who offer this, but from our research and vast experience, the results after fat grafting with fat that has been frozen, are unpredictable, not safe and therefore not recommended. In Medicine, the techniques for freezing fat and unfreezing it, are still not good enough to allow the cells to be completely intact. While in the research lab, this is possible, it is too expensive and just not developed enough to apply safely to the human body.

Definitely not. Fat transfer is only allowed with fat from your own body. This is because your immune system will recognise your friend or relative’s fat as foreign, and cause a massive response which will not end well.

Usually one session is enough to get the desired results. But it always depends on what your expectations are. For BBA (breast enlargement), one session will give you 1 – 1.5 cup sizes larger. For KBL (Buttlift), an already full buttock will allow amazing shaping and lift. For thin legs, one session will give you an additional 1-2 cm circumference. For all these ops, having another 1 or 2 sessions, will be possible to get even better results with more enhancement and shape. This will be discussed in detail with you prior to the first op, so your expectations can match that of the possible outcomes after 1 session of fat transfer.

Yes, fat grafting gives you permanent results. All the fat that has settled in the new location after 4-6 weeks will stay there permanently. This is because the fat cells have grown their own blood supply and will behave as if they were in the old location.

Once the fat has settled and grown in the areas transplanted, it will remain. Exercise and muscular workout will be good to even more tone your body, and make the results even better.

While we have never had any serious complications after fat grafting in my practise in Germany and Kenya, there are important factors to consider when planning to have fat grafting done. This includes fat necrosis, oil cysts, calcification, infection, and most importantly, fat embolism when doing a buttlift.

If all goes well, the harvested area is smooth and even. There is always the possibility of lines, dents, irregularities and asymmetries which can happen during lipo surgery, abnormal positioning or poorly fitting garments during the first few weeks of recovery, or haematomas / seromas which rarely form under the skin. In these cases, we aim to help the healing process with various devises and methods.

Fatgrafting can only be reversed by doing liposuction again in the areas where the fat was transplanted to. This is rarely necessary, but if it is needed, the procedure is relatively straightforward.

It is the patients’ choice. During the consultation we will discuss all aspects of advantages and disadvantages of either procedure in detail.

For breast enlargement, if one session of fat transfer is not enough, one can opt to have another session at least 3 months after the first one. Amazingly, in our experience, the final result after the second op is approximately the size of the enlarged breast at the time immediately after the first op. So if you like your breast size during the first week after the first op (thereafter the breasts will shrink due to swelling reduction and healing), then a second op should be planned.

Angela Gathage
Angela Gathage
Dr. Tilman and his team are the best in Kenya! I had a breast reduction surgery and the results are beyond phenomenal! They took their time preparing me and walking me through the whole process from the moment I reached out and through my recovery period. Winnie, Michelle Vangline and Lavender have been very supportive, professional, friendly and compassionate. Dr. Tilman is a true artist! His work is absolute perfection!!! He really did exceed my expectations. I had an easy flawless recovery and the scars have healed beautifully. The results are stunning. If I were to do it all over again, Dr. Tilman would be and remains to be my 1st choice. Honestly, I couldn't be happier. The surgery changed my life. The back and shoulder pain disappeared alongside the constant headaches. Size truly does matter.Thank you for making me look and feel good! You're all are exceptional.
r nduku
r nduku
I did my breast reduction surgery in February after suffering gigantomastia for as far back as I could remember. After my extensive research I went for the very best Dr. Tilman Stasch. My journey was way better than I expected, from the first consultation, to the OP and even the post op care. I was handled by a team that I found very professional and caring. I am 3kgs lighter on my chest and the happiest version of me.
Mutheu Mathaeka
Mutheu Mathaeka
Exceptional services offered by a fantastic team. I highly recommend the clinic, very happy client and will definitely visit again.
Helga Hosseini Balaei
Helga Hosseini Balaei
Hi Dr, Tilman Stasch, für Ihre einfühlsame Betreuung von 2012 bis 2014 in Aachen Luisenhospital sende ich Ihnen alle Sterne. Bin gesund geblieben. Liebe Grüße 👍😍
Brenda Wangeci May
Brenda Wangeci May
Dr. Tilman is very professional and keen on the patient’s needs. The after care is 5 stars ⭐️. His work is perfection. No need to fly abroad for cosmetic surgery for those who are in Kenya/Africa. Very happy customer.
Lorna Achiro
Lorna Achiro
Gosh. What can I say? Except thank you,thank you, thank you.Dr Tillman and the team were awesome. They became my new family and it was sad to leave them after 3 weeks.Everybody was so helpful and attentive and this made healing so much faster.
Sayeeda Kasili
Sayeeda Kasili
I salute Dr. Tilman and his team for the wonderful personality and great work he's doing, to restore confidence and smile on our faces with his magic. I recommend him anytime!!! Happy Valentines all.
Nicole Olwande
Nicole Olwande
Dr. Tilman is excellent at his services. He has perfected his craft with his many years of experience. Hands down the best cosmetic and hand surgeon in town.
Sarah Keter
Sarah Keter
I had my ear keloid removed 3 years ago. I'm Very happy with the healed results. It's like it was never there. Thanks Dr Tilman Stasch.
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