Hand Rejuvenation in Kenya

My patients are often so happy about their rejuvenated face, neck and body, that they suddenly notice that their hands are now the main features of their body which show signs of aging. They complain about wrinkles of the hand skin, loss of volume, brown sports, large veins and visible tendons on the back of the hand, and generally unattractive hands and fingers.

They want the smoothness and fullness of the hands back, veins made invisible, and the skin tone of their hands be even – and ask us for hand rejuvenation.

Dr Stasch at Vitality Fountain Clinic offers hand rejuvenation therapy, to refresh the appearance of your hands so they match the rest of your youthful body. Hands that are not so attractive anymore due to aging and sun damage (UV rays) – which can occur especially in Nairobi, Kenya – making the skin unattractive, or loss of weight making the hands look thin – can be rejuvenated through a combination of treatments.

Who is a good candidate for Hand Rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation procedures

Sometimes, addressing the problem area on the hands is very simple – we would treat the skin to make it look refreshed, through laser or a variety of peels and advanced skin ointments. Volume loss can be reversed by transplanting fat that Dr Stasch harvests from another area of your own body – a procedure called fatgrafting, fat transfer or lipofilling. Occassionally, multipe procedures might be necessary.

Laser therapy for brown spots on the back of your hands:

Skin pigmentation can be quite irregular after years of sun exposure. We use an effective method called the Fraxel laser – an Erbium YAG laser which can peel the top layers of the skin away and stimulate growth of collagen in the deeper layers – making the skin tighter and more youthful. The Fraxel laser creates micro-channels in the skin, thus stimulating the body’s healing processes. It takes a bit of time while the skin and tissue regenerates, then you will see a noticeable reduction in brown spots and wrinkles. It will also lead to a smoother and softer skin.

Dermal fillers for volume on your hands:

Collagen loss and fat loss in your hands can be replaced with dermal fillers. They also stimulate the body to produce more collagen. This method is minimally invasive with little pain or downtime.

Fat fillers for volume enhancement and Stem Cells on your hands:

Since Dr Stasch is a certified hand surgeon, and expert in the field of fatgrafting, his prefered method is to replace the fat with your own fat. As an amazing bonus, the stem calles that are found in the fat tissue (multipe millions of adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs)) will enhance the skin and deep layers of the skin to rejuvenate, reduce wrinkles, scars and other damaged tissues. A combination of lipofilling and microneedling can thus be used, and sometimes even addition of PRP (platelet rich plasma) which contains high amounts of growth factors.

This method done as an outpatient in our Clinic under local anesthetic is safe and associated with minimal discomfort. The treatment is very long lasting, since your own fat will grow its own blood supply and stay in place without being reabsorbed.

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