Breast Surgery in Nairobi

Breast surgery done by an experienced Plastic Surgeon can be amazingly rewarding and transformational. Whatever your concern is, we can help – are your breasts too large or too small, do you have asymmetrical breasts, do you have misshapen or tubular breasts, are you unsure about your breast size, or did you have breast surgery before and have run into problems (breast implant illness, capsular contracture, implant failure)? Book a consultation in Nairobi today for a consultation with the Top Plastic Surgeon with over 15 years of experience in this field. 


Breast Enlargement Silicone

A larger breast can boost your self confidence – find out more about our implant op

Breast Enlargement Fatgrafting

Augmentation of the breast using your own fat - we are the specialists for autologous Lipofilling breast

Breast Reduction

Very large breasts can cause back pain and more problems - we are experts in safely reducing breasts

Breast Asymmetry correction

A common problem that can be solved – we can help you achieve a balanced look to make you feel more confident

Breast implant correction

We solve your problems with silicone implants – capsular contracture, BII, or implant rotation

Nipple correction

Inverted nipples, asymmetric or misshapen nipples can be corrected by us even under local anaesthetic

Breast Lift

Get a lift for your droopy boobs in Nairobi, Kenya

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Giving you back your womanhood - partial or complete breast reconstruction experts in Kenya

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