Breast asymmetry revision after previous breast augmentation procedure

You may have previously undergone breast surgery with implants and now feel that you want to change the size or shape, or have the implants removed or changed. This can be out of cosmetic reasons, but often also due to medical reasons. In capsular contracture for example, a tight band around your implant forms which makes the shape unsightly, and sometimes the breast painful. Surgery for breast implant revision will take all these items into consideration.

Women who have undergone a breast augmentation that led to asymmetrical breasts, often have to undergo surgery to correct the problem with their breast implants. The unevenness often develops over time, sometimes when the breast implants not have settled as expected, with different heights, or when an implant has drifted to a different position downwards, to the side, or upwards. Dr. Tilman Stasch is recognized as being among the finest breast augmentation surgeons in Nairobi, Kenya and is often sought after by patients to perform breast revision surgery to correct asymmetry after breast augmentation or breast reduction.

ct the women due to difficulty in finding the correct bra sizes or clothing that fits well. Luckily, breast surgery at Vitality Fountain Clinic in Nairobi can correct breast asymmetry.

For women with asymmetrical breasts, it is an ongoing aesthetic concern, affecting self-confidence. Through surgical correction you can have your breasts rejuvenated and shaped so that they appear balanced in size, shape and position. 

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