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When we get older, one of the first signs we notice is on the face – although we feel young and energetic, the lines get deeper, the eyes sink in more, and the jowls start to sag while the eyelids are getting droopier by the day. With good nutrition and exercise we can enhance our bodies – but the face most often needs a bit more intervention: During a thorough consultation, we can advise on skin improvements, eyelid lifts, face and neck lift, ear correction, rhinoplasty, fatgrafting to restore the volume in your face, or simply liposculpting your jawline and chin. Where safety is priority, natural results is what we desire and strive for.


Face & Neck Lift

Good-bye saggy cheeks, hanging skin on neck and deep jowels – safe facelift ops can rejuvenate your face by 10 years.

Eyelid Lift

Droopy eyelids can be lifted surgically to give you a refreshed look

Brow lift

A desired sign of beauty are open eyes with naturally arched eye-brows

Fatgrafting for wrinkles and volume enhancement

The long-term alternative to Filler – we use your own fat to rejuvenate your face

Lip correction

Lips may appear too small or too large for you – we can help

Nose correction / Rhinoplasty

A nose job can make a big difference in the symmetry of your face – find out more

Ear and ear lobe correction

Have you torn your earlobe or it is stretched too much - quick repair under local anaethetic

Prominent ear correction

Otoplasty or reduction of prominent ears in children and adults – we have the experience

we will assist you

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