Ear and ear lobe correction in Kenya

Split ear lobe repair / torn ear lobe repair

Stretched earlobes are fashionable for Massai since it is part of their culture in Kenya. However, sometimes it can happen to pateints who would like their ear lobes reconstruced and repaired to their original shape – we can perform an ear lobe repair for you.

An earring can sometimes pull the skin of your earlobe and split it into two parts. This can happen if you wear heavy earrings that gradually elongate and damage of the earlobe over time and eventually ends in a split earlobe. It can also occur playing contact sports when the earring is yanked or snagged suddenly.

A split earlobe repair or a stretched ear lobe repair is a relatively simple procedure, usually carried out under local anaesthetic and takes about half an hour.

Sometimes, the ear piercing hole is just widened – this partially split earlobe can also be fixed easily under local anesthetic at our Clinic in Nairobi to transform the misshapen ear lobe into a normal and natural looking ear lobe.

Split earlobes can even occur at birth, socalled congenital split ear lobe. In other cases,  clip-on earrings that are too tight can cause part of the skin of the ear to weaken, thus causing ear lobe deformities.

Correction of split or stretched ear lobe: the procedure

Dr Stasch will perform this repair under local anesthetic, with a special technique adopted and further developed by himself following the many hundereds of ear lobe repairs he has performed successfully:

The damaged part is carefully removed, and resutured using ultra-fine sutures. The ear is then carefully namdaged with small steristrips – makin the repair almost invisible. Sutures will come out after 5 and 10 days at the Clinic. The scars will be hardly visible. The repair will be so effective that it allows ear piercing of your repaired lobe at a later date with your favourite ear rings – usually about 2 months later. If you have a history of keloid formation, let  us know so we can take the necessary precaution to prevent formation of keloids.

When is Earlobe Surgery right for You?

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Making your ears look great again

Earlobe surgery often leads to beautiful, long-lasting results which will provide balance and symmetry to your entire face. Because it is a quick and painless procedure, and recovery only takes a few days, you should get in touch with Dr Stasch at Vitality Fountain Clinic to learn more about your options for earlobe repair and reduction.

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