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Lips are a central part or our face. There is usually a golden rule, or ratio, that defines what we as humans find attractive:

Since da Vinci’s time, the golden ratio has been known and applied to describe the classic proportions of beautiful lips – relative to the rest of the face. The ideal ratio of the upper lip vertical height versus the lower lip is 1 : 1.6. Or roughly, 1/3 upper lip versus 2/3 lower lip.


While full, plump lips are sexy, sometimes patients find them too large or out of proportion. Since they are one of your most sensual and delicate facial features, their appearance is important for communication, and self-confidence. If you feel that your lips are too large, lip reduction surgery may be worth considering. Don’t trust them to just any plastic surgeon! Dr Stasch has advised many patients as to which procedure is best to make your lips as perfect as you wish them to be.


Dr Stasch offers personalized lip rejuvenation at his Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya: be it lip augmentation, a lip lift, lip reduction, or lip contouring, we offer an effective way to improve looks and restore confidence.

Lip Rejuvenation

Fuller lips can be achieved with dermal fillers. To rejuvenate thin, or empty lips, Dr Stasch uses hyaluronic acid fillers ahtat are perfectly combined to achieve a natural and smooth look – a more youthful, refreshed and attractive apperance. The procedure can be customized to your precise needs for a beautiful look. Find out more here about lip enhancement.

Lip Correction

A lip correction after trauma or tumors can be performed under local anesthetic or under general anesthetic – if it is a more complicted procedure. Dr Stasch is very experienced after almost 15 years in Plastic Surgery, to chose the ideal method to reconstruct your lips.

Lip Reduction / reduction cheiloplasty

Lip reduction surgery usually permanently reduces lip size. This procedure may be performed alone or in combination with other facial surgery procedures, and is usually perfomred under local anesthetic as an outpatient procedure at Dr Stasch’s Clinic.


Benefits of a Lip Reduction:

  • Removes excess tissue causing your lip dysbalance
  • Removes excess substances (e.g. old filler substance) that can cause lip deformity
  • Enhancing facial harmony: harmonizing the upper and lower lips
  • outpatient procedure
  • quick procedure: less than an hour
  • Very little downtime after the procedure – there will be some swelling and bruising for a few days only
  • No visible scarring since the sutures are on the inside of the lips

Lip Reduction Recovery:

Since it is being done under local anesthetic, you may go hom eimmediately after the procedure. You may feel that your lips feel slightly sore and swollen. Mild pain can be treated with Paracetamol, if necessary. Sometimes there will be mild bruising, which will recover after a few days. It is best to gargle and clean your mouth with common mouth wash products. Incisions are placed inside of the mouth – and because the wounds heal so quickly, they usually resolve after 3-4 days already.  The final results will be visible after 6 weeks – when all the swelling is completel resolved.

Lip Lift

For the aging lip, or an elongated upper lip, a lip lift can be done comfortably as are outpatient procedure – typically taking just an hour or less, with a very short recovery process. The results will be both natural and long-lasting.

During a lip lift, the upper lip is raised upwards. This makes it look more balanced, and often it also enhances the red of the lip – which can at the same time filled with a dermal filler or fat transfer.  The upper lip shpe and definition is enhanced greately. During a lip lift, the distance between nose and upper lip is shortened. Dr Stasch will chose the right technique to adapt your specific needs for more pleasing and attractive lips.

Are you a good candidate for a lip lift?

A lip lift might be the right choice for you if you have the following:

Lip Lift Overview

In most cases, Dr Stasch performs the lip lifts in his clinic under local anesthesia. A small incision will be done just under the base of your nose, making sure scarring will be alsmost invisible. Asmall section of skin from the upper lip is removed, which is raised to expose a portion of the upper teeth and create a fuller red part to the lip.

Most lip lifts take less than an hour to complete. You will be able to head home immediately after your procedure, and take some Paracetamol for discomfort.

Lift Lip Recovery

The lip area is prone to swelling and sometimes bruising – which is normal and expected. You can use cool packs and Paracetamol for the first couple of days to keep for comfort.

Dr Stasch will see you regularly for dressing changes. The sutures usually come out after 5 days, when the scars will have almost healed already.

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