PRICES for Plastic Surgery in KENYA

We understand that Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery prices vary depending which country you decide to have your surgery

Generally, choosing an ISAPS certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr Stasch, will be the safest way to give you the results you are looking for. Quality has its price so understanding that this kind of surgery is usually not covered by insurance, you will have to plan carefully to be able to save up the money needed for the procedures you plan to undergo.

We will always give you a full quotation after the consultation with our Specialists. Because of anatomy, individual requirements and additional procedures you might request, final quotes may be different from ballpark figures given below. The figures provided are totals for the surgery and include clinic and theatre fees, implants or special instruments where necessary, materials, compression garments, anaesthetist fees where routinely used, and the surgeon´s fee, as well as all follow up visits and check ups which are usually free of charge.
Certain support wear, antibiotics and other medication, pre-op investigations, treatment of complications, items / services not listed and unforeseen events are not included in the prices. Such items and services, if required, will be additional to the fees. We try to minimize any additional and unforeseen fees as much as possible. Hospital fees might be higher due to extended duration of surgery. Fees do not cover extended stay, intensive care, or additional theatre time as a result of complications during surgery which are extremely rare. The figures apply to primary surgery, in other words you have not had surgery to that particular part before. Revision surgery or secondary surgery is more complex and may carry an additional cost. In general, straight forward revisions will not vary much in cost from the ballpark prices. The prices indicated on the pricelist are intended as a guide only and are in no way binding.  Provided prices which you can request below will be ballpark total figures for primary surgery performed by Dr. Stasch. A final quote for surgery will only ever be provided at consultation.

PAYMENT for Plastic Surgery

A non-refundable deposit of KES 150,000 must be paid when booking your surgery to allow us reserve the slot while full payment for procedures should be made at least 1 week prior to the procedure. Terms and conditions apply. Without exception, all fees for surgery are payable in advance, prior to surgery. Payment is in KES or USD. Accepted forms of payment include online transfer, cash, cheque, credit card and Mpesa.

DISCOUNTS for Plastic Surgery

Combined procedures, for example breast surgery plus liposuction in another area – there will usually be a 20% reduction on the second (less expensive) procedure. Kindly note, we do not offer surgery on credit or payment plans – unless you decide to pay in instalments upfront.. Our focus is on providing specialized care, giving you safety, transparency and a personal follow up after high value surgery at your convenience, not budget surgery. Plastic Surgery at a budget can be dangerous and will often not give you the good results that you are striving for. 

MEDICAL INSURANCE for Plastic Surgery

MEDICAL INSURANCES in Kenya do not cover cosmetic surgery except for cases such as: Gigantomastia (very large breasts), abdominal or umbilical hernia, post bariatric / weight reduction surgery, cancer reconstruction, reconstruction after trauma, breast reconstruction, Hand Surgery, Burns Surgery, Facial acne or Rosacea etc.
Please check with your insurance if you are covered for certain procedures that can be categorized as medical and not cosmetic. We will provide you with a medical report, should our team find during your consult that your case warrants being categorized as medical. This will have to be backed up with special investigations, and sometimes a second opinion from another medical specialist.

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