Hand Surgery is surgery of the hand, wrist and all the nerves running along the arm and hand. It includes all reconstructive surgery that restores and form and function of the hand and fingers. Hand problems can occur spontaneously, over time (chronic), are traumatic, or congenital.

As part of his extensive surgical training, Dr Stasch has worked in a Plasti Surgery unit which also specialized in Hand Surgery – allowing him to learn from the best (Luisenhospital Aachen, Germany) and treating thousands of hand surgical conditions, including highly complex microsurgical reconstructions, wrist arthroscopy for ligamental and meniscus damage, joint replacements and joint fusion, distal radius fractures and peripheral nerve surgery. His practical qualifications and successfully completed exams earned him the additional academic title “Facharzt für Hand Chirurgie” (Specialist in Handsurgery) from the Federal Medical Board in Duesseldorf, North-Rhine Westphalia.

In Nairobi, the most common conditions in handsurgery that we perform involve the following: