Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Cancer of the breast is a diagnosis that can change someones life permanently. Most often than not, if detected early, the cancer can be removed. This can leave the breast in an abnormal shape which can again affect the womans life negatively. What we offer is immediate or delayed reconstruction of the breast that has been partially or fully amputated (lumpectomy, partial or full mastectomy). The reconstruction will allow the breast mould to be there to fill the bra, or we can achieve a near normal looking breast, depending on what method we choose.

After a thorough consultation, both Dr Stasch and you as the patient will decide on the best procedure possible. We offer a range of breast reconstruction therapies from fatgrafting (several small procedures), silicone implant or expander breast recon, or free DIEP flap surgery to recreate the breast after mastectomy.

Dr Stasch has presented his series of patients who have received lipofilling (breast reconstruction using fatgrafting) in several international meetings, with amazingly natural results. He also formed part of the team of doctors who performed the first DIEP breast reconstruction in Eastern Africa in 2020 at the Aga Khan University Hospital. Since then, he and his team have performed several successful DIEP reconstructions in Kenya.

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