Keloid therapy

Keloids form when wounds don’t heal properly, and develop bad scars which can either be hypertrophic, or form a keloid. Both conditions can be debilitating for the pateint. Hypertrophioc scars are scars that become raised, pigmented and unsightly. The therapy is similar to Keloid therapy. Keloids are bad looking scars which grow beyond the borders of the original scar, almost like a tumor. Usually patients are genetially predisposed to get keloids, which can run in families. Other patients know that they form keloids becauce for example they had pierced their ears and got keloid scarring because of that.

We use a combination of procedures to treat keloid scarring, including scar revision surgery, steroid injection, silicone gel therapy and compression therapy. This will help to prevent recurrence and allow best healing, We encourage pateints to always follow the doctor´s instructions and come back to the follow-up clinics regularly. This way the success of the procedure will be much higher.

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