Trauma reconstruction

Plastic Surgeons deal with all kinds of soft tissue trauma. Be it gun shot wounds to the limbs, severed soft tissue from rhino, lion or hyena attacks, or gangrenous limbs after snake or spider bites while on Safari, we come in after our collegues have made sure you are safe and healthy enough for reconstructive surgery.
Fractures to bones that will be fixed by Orthopedic surgery will only heal if they are covered properly by clean and healthy tissue with enough blood supply. Plastic surgery will achieve that by using this healthy tissue either regionally or distally (another region of the body) with pedicled flaps (still attached to the blood supply) or free flaps (here we need to reconnect the blood vessels using Microsurgery).

Dr Stasch has extensive experience of over a decade, reconstructing the most complex wounds in a safe and successful manner.

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