Skin Cancer

We hope you’ve been faring on well. As we finish the rainy season and march into the hot season, we just wanted to touch on a few things about skin cancer since the sun is one of the causes of skin cancer.
Skin cancer occurs when the DNA of your skin cells mutate and your skin cells grow out of control and form cancer cells. There are a number of factors that increase your risk of getting skin cancer. These are:

*Fair Skin: People who are blonde, have red hair, light-colored eyes and are prone to freckles or sunburns are more likely to develop skin cancer

Sunny or high altitude climate: People who live in Kenya for example stand a higher chance of getting skin cancer than someone living in Europe mainly because Kenya is sunnier than Europe. If you also live in high altitude areas, you are exposed to stronger sun radiations than people living in low altitude areas.

*Exposure to radiation: People with acne or eczema and have been receiving radiation treatment have a high risk of getting skin cancer.

*Family history and one’s immunity: If you have had a family member diagnosed of skin cancer, then you are predisposed to the disease. People with weak immune systems may easily contract the disease when exposed to factors that cause skin cancer.

Early detection of skin cancer will give you a better chance to successfully undergo the necessary treatment and overcome the disease. We recommend you visit The Source MediSpa for regular check-ups as well as skin treatments that boost your overall skin’s health.

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