Tendon and Nerve repair and reconstruction

Tendon repairs

Tendons are the structures that join muscle to bone. Hand and finger tendon repair in the hand is a challenging surgery because of the structure of the tendon – and needs to have meticulous technique to allow return to normal function.
Tendon injuries can occur due to infection, trauma, or sudden rupture.
The 3 types of tendon repair involve: primary, delayed primary, or secondary tendon repair.

Nerve repairs

Trauma or injury to your hand can damage the nerves found in the hand. This can cause a loss of hand function and a loss of feeling in the hand. While some nerve injuries heal on their own, others may require surgery.
The best time for nerve repairs on the hand is usually primarily (immediate) or delayed (3-6 weeks after the injury) depending on the cirumstances.
The earlier and more accurate the repair, the higher the chance of a full recovery. If the nerve is cut or severed, it may be fixed by reattaching it to the other end of the nerve, or by performing a graft where another nerve is talen from another part of the body, replacing the more important but injured nerve.
Once surgery is done, the nerve will recover at a rate of about 1mm per day. Recovery will involve wound care, physiotherapy and nerve stimualtion.

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