Chronic wound therapy / Pressure wounds

At Vitality Fountain Clinic we offer specialized services for chronic wounds.

This includes Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Peripheral Vascular Disease and other types of wounds like Pressure sores, Bed sores and Decubitus ulcers – all wounds that do not heal. Our wound care specialist  team uses the most advanced methods and dressing materials in order to provide our patients with the most modern wound care therapies available.

With his extensive experience of pressure sores of sacrum, hips bones, feet and other areas, Dr Stasch has developed a safe method of healing these very difficult and dangerous wounds in patients who are often immunocompromised, very old and frail, or unable to move due to illness or paralysis. We make sure the wounds are thoroughly cleaned, then apply the VAC therapy (vacuum assisted closure)/NPTW method to allow the wound to heal while keeping the wound dressed and clean. Thereafter, the wound will be closed with regional or local soft tissue flap reconstruction allowing healthy tissue to cover the large wounds.

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