Wound Care

At the Vitality Fountain Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, we treat many kinds of soft tissue wounds – acute or chronic. We offer world-class wound care products and the latest technologies and surgical procedures to help your body heal quicker and completely. Call us for your wound needs.

Diabetic Ulcer Therapy

Revolutionary wound treatment to avoid amputation – call us so we can assess the non-healing wound

Chronic Wound Therapy

Scientifically proven methods to allow non-healing wounds transform into healing wounds in Nairobi

Fatgrafting Wounds

Your own fat can help heal wounds, reduce scarring, and make the skin softer and mobile

The DEALT® Method
by Dr Stasch

A proven technique of fatgrafting of non-healing wounds to allow them to heal completely – we are the pioneers

Stem Cells in Kenya - the future of regenerative therapy

Mesenchymal stem cells for wounds, joint problems, ligament injury, arthritis – innovative solutions in Nairobi

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