Reconstructive Surgery in Kenya

Reconstructive Surgery is one of the main 4 pillars of Plastic Surgery – and one of the most important ones. We treat all kinds of soft tissue deformity – from top to toe, from finger to foot, from breast to buttock. All areas of the body can be injured, destroyed by cancer or trauma, mutilated by infection, scarred by fire or deformed from birth (congenital). 

As Plastic Surgeons we pride ourselves to offer help in these situations – by using skills and experience to use healthy tissue, replacing bad tissue. We can use flaps from one area of the body (e.g. tummy or back) to reconstruct another area (e.g. breast or leg). We can do skin grafts, local or regional flaps, or other highly advanced techniques like fatgrafting / stem cell therapy to allow the body’s healing mechanism to kick in and restore form and function.

Breast reconstruction
Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Breast cancer surgery can leave you with breast deformity – let us give you the options

Excision BCC face
Cancer Reconstruction

Reshaping your body parts after cancer surgery or trauma – that’s what we offer

Deformity hand
Congenital Deformities

Facial, body or limb malformations from birth corrected with Plastic Surgery in Nairobi

Scar revisions

Scars in face or on body can be fixed – we offer different techniques to make them appear less visible

Burn contracture surgery

Deformities after burn injury are corrected with Plastic Surgery using advanced medical therapies

Keloid excision
Keloid therapy

Hypertrophic scars, keloids, large scars – we can help you find a permanent solution

Pro bono surgery

Dr Stasch regularly performs pro bono reconstructive surgery on needy patients

Trauma reconstruction

Soft tissue reconstruction after a car accident, gun shot, lion bite or buffalo horn tear – we can help

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