Removal of Moles/Naevi and mole biopsy in Nairobi

We all get lumps, bumps and marks on our skin. Most are completely harmless. If we have however diagnosed an atypical more that is suspicious of being dysplastic, precancerous or cancerous (e.g. malignant melanoma), we need to take a biopsy in order to make an accurate diagnosis – and potentially save you from getting advanced forms of skin cancer.

How is a skin biopsy or removal of a mole done?
The biopsy is usually done under local anesthetic, directly at the clinic. An excisional biopsy ensures that at least 2-3 mm are taken from around the mole to prevent any dangerous cells from being left behind in the skin. The wound is then either left open (for tiny biopsies), or sutured expertly to allow faster healing.

Our charges include all doctor’s fees, op materials, dressings, and a histopathology exam and report from LANCET Kenya PLK. Prices start from KES 48,000 for one skin biopsy with histology. Biopsy results can take up to 2 weeks to be available. We usually work closely with the Dermato-Pathologists to ensure an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, special staining or a second opinion from the experts in South Africa.

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